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MD11 Motor System for Implantology Print
md11_ws 32to1_pedal_flasche_web
MD 11, exactly what implantologists were always dreaming about

The new MD 11 together with its brother, the MD 30 Motor System, are developed with the intention to put extra smoothness into your hands. The further development of its electronic motor and a sophisticated motor control are key players in this new generation of Nouvag motor systems. This reflects also the new design with smooth edges for easy cleaning and a display that gives you all the information at a glance. Single function keys with haptic and audible feedback guarantee for accurate device setup.

Inserting and changing of tube sets is carried out effortless by a front access push button and tube compartment. The tube bracket swings out and stays in plain sight while the tube set is positioned between the two notches of the bracket.

A broad variety of extensions and accessories is provided by Nouvag AG and can anytime be added. Nouvag AG certified service providers worldwide guarantee the supplies within an appropriate period and a customer friendly warranty system takes care of matters when they are not as they should be.

If solidity and quality paired with smooth operation and quite a fair price tag is what you’re looking for, than the all new MD 11 is your first choice.

  • New Motor System for Implantology with sophisticated
    motor control for smooth and precise power delivery in any speed range.

  • Motor speed range of 300 – 40’000 rpm.

  • 70 Ncm of maximum torque at 20:1 Contra Angle
    with graphical, real time torque control on display

  • Sturdy, high quality finish

  • Integrated pump system for cooling to prevent tissue damage



MD 30 Motor System Print
MD 30 twin motor system for Implantology, Micro Surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The new MD 30 Implantology Motor System is the convincing result of 40 years of research and development in the field of implantology. An outstanding solution, absolutely in line with our philosophy of providing implantologists across the world with complete systems that leave nothing to be desired.

  • Light and compact housing, easy to clean surfaces.
  • Visibility in all work steps with a large, clearly arranged display with high contrast.
  • Without complicated navigation, the most important areas can be controlled quickly and directly by separate keys.
  • LED's together with the display mark the currently active motor.
  • Standard coolant canisters are conveniently suspended on a plug-in mount.
  • Easy to insert tube set, low noise pump drive.
  • Access to the pump with one hand is at the press of a button next to the display, hence no inadvertent movement of the device.
  • The dual motor principle is unique in this class. It saves cubersome reconfiguration of the handpieces and contra angles and saves time.
  • 20:1 Contra Angle with LED lights available.
  • Further developed motor management with fine tuned parameters.
  • Integrated calibration functin for every contra angle for precise results. 


Special Award for NOUVAG's Implantology Motor System MD 30 at Dental Exhibition in Belgrad in october 2013



Dispenser DP 30 

The Dispenser DP 30 is a universally usable and controllable infiltration pump which is highly suitable for deployment in tumescent and in vein treatments.
The percentual infiltration amount is controlled usning the rotary potentiometer or the ON/OFF pedal as well as the Vario Pedal (up to 17 l/h).


  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Universal and flexible applicable
  • Easy handling with low mantenance effort
  • Efficient compared with the time consuming injection of the infiltration solution
  • Continuously variable and precisely adjustable suction performance
  • Simplified liposuktion due to lipolyzes
  • Reliable, approved and stable technology 

The pump capacity is up to 17 liters per hour at a pressure of 1.5 bar. Working with the pedal lets you use your hands for the essential tasks. The pump works unobtrusively in the background with a low noise level, which makes it an ideal companion in every operation theater.